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Prior to your first visit, please download & complete the following forms where relevant & bring them with you to your appointment with Dr Sida.


New patient form  - please print, complete & bring to your first visit.


Complaint specific questionnaires


Quick Dash Questionnaire - for problems with the arm, shoulder or hand


Elbow Questionnaire 


Knee Questionnaire 


Low Back Pain Questionnaire


Foot & Ankle Questionnaire


Children's Health Questionnaire

Metal Implant Removal - a patient survey




Patient Resources //

Frequently asked questions //

​​What insurance is accepted?

All health insurance companies registered with the Cayman Islands Department Health Regulatory Services are accepted.

Accepted Insurance Companies

How are the surgical procedure fees calculated?

The fees for your operation are in strict accordance with the Cayman Islands Department Health Regulatory Services published SHIF fees.

SHIF Fee Schedule 

These fees are separate from your hospital fees.


What about my copay?

The claim for any surgery is processed by the insurance company and may take several weeks. The EOB (explanation of benefits) will stipulate what your copay responsibility for the surgeon's fees amounts to. You will then receive an invoice from GB Medi-Claim with the details and how to pay.


Copay for outpatient appointments will be requested at the time of appointment.




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